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Reporting Staff Absence


You or someone on your behalf must ring the Academy number (0114) 2310221 before 7.30am on the first day of absence and subsequent days unless you specify a certain period of absence.


When the recorded message begins press 9 and you will be connected to the ‘Staff Absence Line’ – please leave a clear message with details of your absence and to reiterate, this must be before 7.30am.


If you can inform Mel Oxley via a phone call or email before 3pm if you intend to return to work the following day, thank you.


Also, if you do leave cover work, please can you email/leave it with your line manager/colleagues in the first instance.  If you have a planned absence, please leave your cover work in the tray provided in your department’s work room – if you are attached to more than one department, please leave in the relevant one.


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